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What was I thinking?!?

Sometimes being naive has its benefits. After all, if I wasn't clueless about how much work and effort fixing this place would be, I would have talked myself out of it. What I didn't see is the enormous undertaking this would be. What you don't know can't discourage you from taking the plunge. Right?

This was definitely an undertaking. The building at some point used to be a house, then a daycare center then a chiropractic office. After which it was abandoned and vacant for years. I walked into this building in 2020, at the peak of COVID and thought "This isn't too bad". I was clearly blinded by my excitement and optimism because the building looked like this...

There was water damage on the ceiling and floors, an outdated pink tiled bathroom with a bathtub, flood damage in the basement and damaged walls throughout the building. I definitely had my work cut out for me. I've watched plenty of HGTV, how hard could it be?

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