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A lot of work yet to come

After evaluating how much work was still needed, I realized that I needed to limit the renovations to a smaller part of the building. I concluded that for my own sanity and my family's, I would start with renovating only 600 square feet of the 1700 square foot building. I decided that this would become a dog bakery and would also offer dog treats that were made in the USA. I wanted dog parents to feel at ease knowing that they wouldn't be feeding their pups dog treats from other countries which have been know to be made with dangerous ingredients or possible contaminates that could be harmful. And so the renovations continued.

Renovations for the dog bakery begin

What initially began as 4 rooms became one large 600 square foot space. It was time to dry wall.

I learned really quickly that I wasn't a big fan of doing drywall. This was probably my least favorite thing to do but a dog bakery was waiting and somebody had to move it along.

The dog bakery emerges

With a lot of hard work and time, the dog bakery started to emerge. The drywall was finally done and mudding and sanding were finished.

With a little bit of paint and flooring, the room began to take shape.

The next obstacle would be the hardest of them all. I had no idea how to design a dog bakery and retail space.

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