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HGTV lied to me...

It doesn't really hit you how overly optimistic you were until you pick up the sledge hammer, start banging on the drywall and realize that you have made absolutely no progress for the past 4 hours.

I swear I'm not weak. What I didn't know is that this building is so old that the walls were made of layers of plaster, cement and wire mesh. This was definitely not the modern drywall that is easy to remove. This "drywall" weighted 10-15 pounds a square foot and was exhausting trying to drag these pieces to the dumpster outside.

Eventually with the help of my family (sorry mom and dad), we were able to clear the first part of the building. Including the pink bathroom.

Before the demolition

During the demolition

After the demolition

Here is a sneak peek on how the final bathroom renovation turned out. We were going for a dog theme in case you didn't notice.

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